Wednesday, April 15, 2009


First and foremost I'm a Fantasy "Fairytale" Landscape Impressionists Artist. My subjects are Fairytale like Landscapes. Please familiarize yourself with my style before contacting me - I mostly accept commissions that are done in the style of my original work. Commissions can vary from Murals to book and magazine covers. The fee is based on size! $15-25 per square inch! I require 50% of the total up front to cover material costs and as a deposit. I always email a scan of the finished work, and make as many revisions as necessary before the final payment is due. 100% client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I am a full-time Free Lance artist, and at any given time I am usually working on commissioned projects. Typically there is a 2 week "waiting list". Please be sure to contact me with plenty of time in advance of any deadline since I do occasionally have a waiting list (particularly around holidays). From conception to shipping I can usually finish a piece within a week, depending on size and level of detail. Please feel free to email me with your request! Note: although commissions are custom, I still own the copy rights to the Paintings!

unfinished painting

finish painting

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