Sunday, November 28, 2010

Find Art Gallery Experience

We each have had a silent moment when we have drawn near and taken up position and gazed at a work of art. Our eyes bounce across the canvas in all directions taking the journey that is every brush stroke to be found in the center of the Artist’s passion.

From that other world destination we are returned with an exhale, back to the space were we took up position and we still gaze at the work of art.

Now filled with words that will give way to experience we have just had.

“Isn’t this the true artistic experience and the power of a great work of art."

Recently at the Find Art Magazine & Gallery Release Party I enjoyed the good fortune of capturing just a few such experiences.

Come and have your personal experience with the Art Work of Philippe A. Fernandez at:
(FIND Art Gallery)
1640 Superior Ave. Costa Mesa, CA. 92627
Nov. 13th - Dec. 17th

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