Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tips On How To Preserve Your Paintings

Light, temperature and air pollution can wreck works of art. How do museums protect and preserve artistic and historic artifacts for the ages? It's a complicated field, including everything from studying the chemical makeup of paints to optimizing the temperature, humidity and lighting conditions in all museums.

Here are some very important tips to make any painting last forever!

Make sure the painting you are buying is varnished! I personally varnish my paintings after consulting With the Client. Some prefer High gloss while others only matte. I leave it up to the buyer.

Select the room where the painting is going to be hanged or framed.

Select a room with proper lighting 200 lux.

Make sure that the room has a stable temperature that is neither too hot nor too humid.

During summer months, keep the rooms ambient temperature 70-75°F, and a relative humidity of 45-55%.

During winter months, keep the rooms ambient temperature 65-70°F and a relative humidity of 40%-45%.

Hang paintings away from direct sunlight, bright overhead lights, fireplaces and smoke.

Whenever you need to take down a painting from the wall for cleaning, handle it by the frame without touching the painted surface. Always wash your hands before handling any painting as fluid from your hands can damage the surface.

Regularly dust the painting with soft brushes (I prefer sable brushes)

Just like our sunglasses and face and body lotions almost everything is moving to UV protection! If possible invest in UV protecting glass both for picture frames and widows! Remember this won’t only benefit your painting it will benefit everything in your home, including yourself!

*When ever doing any harsh spring cleaning or home construction be sure to toss a cotton sheet over your investments. (remember wait for the dust to settle)

I know for some of you these tasks may seem a little extreme. In most cases they are! However, You have been warned. :-)

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