Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Value of ART

Most collectors will tell you that pricing art has more to do with the artist than the piece, at least when it comes to setting the initial price point. But then the question becomes whether the piece is typical of the artist's work. Both questions are a matter of taste.

Fortunately, when it comes to finding a hot artist, you can look to the market trend. If you go to art shows and auctions, and you begin to hear one name more and more often, it's likely that that artist is trending up. Finding the right piece, knowing when to buy and when to sell, are all things that the seasoned investor learns over time.

However if you ask me, I'll say the true value of art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. A great painting to me has many elements that must come together, composition, light, color, depth, and finally a message. These elements are not easy at best to perfect, therefore it is for our enjoyment and amazement; to admire and value as being important. It takes a lot of skill to make art, it encourages creativity in people. Art is an expression. Art is similar to writing a novel, you need to be skilled in your trade and passionate and willing to put a lot of effort into it. Art challenges our normal way of thinking. One might think the whole world is about politics and religion, I beg to differ. One can see art in anything. One can act upon that feeling and paint a picture, or one can ignore the art and just see it in their mind. Art is going the extra step and expressing your feelings in a way that no paper on words could write, no prayer to God can explain, just pure art on a simple canvas. Thank you God for art.

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